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The times of releasing music only and hoping to make a living from it are over!

During the last three years I was able to build a strategy that enabled me to make money while writing my music and building additional streams of income. I also spent countless of hours into optimizing my social networks enabling me to have work coming towards me, rather than going on the hunt and pitch for projects.

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    Do you need help when it comes to building your personal brand? Let's find a solution on how to boost your business.


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    If you are a musician and you are not taking care of growing additional stream of income, you are doing something wrong!

  • Your Social Networks

    Optimize your social networks, have work opportunities coming towards you or become even totally independent and do what you love: Writing music!

  • Music Production

    Do you have any music related questions such as instrumentation, arrangement or mixing? I will make sure to help you as possible with my 15+ years of experience.

I have been connected on and off with Alex since around 2012 - his work has been a true inspiration for me both personally and professionally.


He has inspired me to challenge and push myself to go out of my comfort zone and learn how to expand on my skills in so many ways. Because of his inspiration to me, I have sucessfully launched my website where I share online courses in Arabic about Audio Engineering to my students, and the results have been fascinating.


So Thank You Alex for everything that you do. You are a true inspiration for musicians all around the globe - keep doing what you do my friend!

Hashim Al Alawi

CEO Melloskills & Music Composer

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