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I Help Audio Artists Get Work in the Audio Industry in 90 Days or Less Or I will Continue Working With You 1:1 For Free Until You Do

Audio Artist Rise Step-By-Step isn't just a program – it's an electrifying journey meticulously designed for passionate audio artists who are set on mastering their craft and making their mark in the industry.

Picture this:
You've got a portfolio that captivates on the first note, connections that open doors you didn't even know existed, a sixth sense for market trends, and an unyielding drive to seize every promising opportunity.

Seems like a far-off dream? With us, it's closer than you think!

Every strategy we use in Audio Artist Rise Step-By-Step is battle-tested. The same systems have allowed me to transform my passion for audio into a fulfilling full-time career, working on a high level with clients and providing for my family.

I've already lit the path for over 1,400 students with courses in trailer music,
video game music, and self-promotion. They're out there right now, making
waves in the industry.

But with Audio Artist Rise Step-By-Step, we dive deeper. We're not just
dipping our toes – we're going all-in on your audio career.
We'll amplify your talents, fine-tune your strategies, and skyrocket your career.
Your ascent in the audio industry isn't a mere possibility – it's a promise.

Are you ready to rise?


AAR Step-By-Step Includes

Comprehensive Training Videos with Proven Systems

You'll gain access to step-by-step training videos by leveraging nearly two decades of experience in the audio industry. These reveal the systems, techniques, and strategies I've tested and perfected. They've empowered me to build a successful audio career, leaving all financial worries behind.
(Valued at €4,000/year)

Tools, Concepts, and Resources for Creative Productivity

In this program, you'll receive various resources that I've developed over time. These are designed to help you stay creative and productive while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These are the same tools that have enabled me to pursue my mission and passion in the audio industry fully.
(Valued at €3,000/year)

24/7 Support and a Vibrant Client Community

We offer an encouraging environment that helps you stay focused and on track. All queries are responded to within 24 hours, either in text or video format, by me and my dedicated team. This round-the-clock personal support and our enthusiastic community of audio artists are invaluable to your journey.
(Valued at €3,000/year)

Six Weekly Live Calls + Replays

These sessions cover essential topics like building your portfolio, networking within the industry, music feedback, and securing professional gigs. You'll receive my direct coaching, tech guidance, accountability, and the chance to ask questions. Plus, you'll have access to replay these sessions whenever you need.
(Valued at $8,000/year)

Full Access to Updates, Live Events & Replays

Keep your skills sharp and relevant with access to all future updates, live events such as workshops and masterclasses, and our annual program refresh. Revisit any session with the available replays. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving audio industry.

Total Value of Audio Artist Rise - 25.000 EUR+ per year

Investment Right Now - €3997


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