Alex Pfeffer

a u d i o  e n t r e p r e n e u r

What's inside?

  • Get inspired, open doors full of opportunities, and start building your own business.

  • Check out helpful concepts to optimize your music writing process.

  • Discover effective methods to build additional income.

  • Get exclusive goodies that are not available in my store.

  • Learn how to promote yourself on social networks, and get heard and seen in the audio industry

Building Your Business

a membership platform for audio artists

Are you still hoping to get hired?

The audio business is saturated, social networks are overcrowded and you have trouble finding work and don't know where to start?


Join my community and find inspiration, motivation and opportunities to continue doing what you love!


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Yeah cool, business blah blah, ... but what is really waiting for me inside?

Okay, below you can see a screenshot of the nice and tidy user interface.

Doesn't that look like a high quality course plaform?

Now, let us check out some more of the topics of BYB

  • Optimizing your workflow

    No matter, if we talk about optimizing your own daily workflow or the one inside your DAW, we got you covered.

  • Monthly updates

    No, this isn't a platform were you pay a monthly fee to have access and that's it. Every month there will be more content coming.

  • How to understand and use social networks

    Please, ask yourself, why should anyone buy your music only because you hop on Facebook and announce your new album? Right, no one! We will share lots of information on how to use social networks the right way, by analyzing and understanding the algorithms.

  • Learn how to successfully promote your products

    "Yo, wanna buy my new album" doesn't work anymore. Another approach is needed and we talk about how to make successful sale promotion a reality.

  • The things you love doing as ... a profession?

    I think we all appreciate writing music for projects, clients and customers, ... but how awesome would it be to do what you want and get to the point of make it your main income?

  • Lots of goodies for you

    Helpful pdfs, exclusive soundpacks that are not available in my store. Stems, MIDI & Session files, ... and yes, also free stuff from my music tool store! Do I need to say more?

I have been connected on and off with Alex since around 2012 - his work has been a true inspiration for me both personally and professionally.


He has inspired me to challenge and push myself to go out of my comfort zone and learn how to expand on my skills in so many ways. Because of his inspiration to me, I have sucessfully launched my website where I share online courses in Arabic about Audio Engineering to my students, and the results have been fascinating.


So Thank You Alex for everything that you do. You are a true inspiration for musicians all around the globe - keep doing what you do my friend!

Hashim Al Alawi

CEO Melloskills & Music Composer