Audio Artist Essentials

Learn how to build your personal brand, grow your social networks and generate additional income

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In this course you will learn how to

build your personal brand

Learn how to build your personal brand and have work opportunities coming towards you

grow your social channels

Learn how to grow your social channels the right way instead of just promoting your new album ;)

generate additional income

Learn how to additional passive income and be less worried when there is no project in sight.


Look, what they have to say!

On top of being one of the most helpful, kind, and caring guys I've met in this industry, Alex is a veteran composer who has now developed a very deep knowledge of all things related to social networking, self-promoting, creating a passive income and so on.


The guy knows everything, seriously. It's like he invented Youtube.


There is a ton of information in this course and any composer curious about expanding his options in this audio jungle (no pun intended) should consider it. Bravo, Alex!

Emmanuel R.

Music Composer

Awesome content, Alex! First of all, Congrats for all the little secrets, tools, add ons, tips, and tricks put together in a meaningful way, on your own example of success!


Yes, probably, one could go search the Internet and find, maybe 30% of this information on its own, and I've tried myself but, it takes time and you need to know what to search for!


Personally, I haven't heard for many of these tools before, but most important is how each one of them connects the dots.


You've gathered it all in one place and it's easy to understand why some approach works and some don't! It is aimed towards music/audio folks, but any YouTuber, video, or games content creator can find it useful!

Ivan S.

Music Composer

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Let's make it simple. If you are not happy and don't like this course, didn't find it helpful or you think it was a total waste of time, I will ask no questions and you will get your full money back.

Alex Pfeffer, CEO

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.

This course is a no brainer instabuy for composers, sound designers, musicians, and also sample library developers. No matter if you want to build up your personal brand and increase visibility and touchpoints for your projects & products, build up a follower base, generate leads, passive long-term income, and new job opportunities, or want to sell your digital goods and market them via email - Alex got you covered with 10 videos.


He also provides helpful technical advice on how to set up video streams with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), how to publish video content on YouTube at best, how to use a Patreon page for your business, and how to get the attention of sample library developers as a demo writer. And all of this for less than half the price of an hour you would normally have to pay to a private tutor. Go get it ;)

Bina & Ju

Music Composers


Check out the course content

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.

Such a great course!
It covers so many aspects we aspiring composers might not know about at all.

As a composer, I focused on writing tracks and got them published.
In this course, Alex tells about additional ways to create a passive income, which tools to use, and how.
Especially the latter was something I didn't find the time, need or
inclination for.

Well, Alex explains it practically, short and easy without going into
unnecessary technical details we all haven't the time for, right? In his honest and calm way, he gives insights on how he built up and established his brand and network. Everything is easy to follow steps.

I also like the tips and tricks on how to produce content for different platforms easily. The course motivated me to start this route finally and I am sure it will save me a lot of wrong decisions, tryouts, and money.

A meaningful investment, thank you!

David K.

Music Composer

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Audio Artist Essentials

Learn how to build your personal brand, grow your social networks and general passive income

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