📺 My Courses

The digital age provides a wealth of information at our fingertips, almost 99% free. Yet, the true luxury in today's world is time. My courses offer a time-efficient solution, combining the distilled wisdom and expertise acquired over 17 years in the music industry.

🔊 Audio Artist Rise

I Help Audio Artists Get Work in the Audio Industry in 90 Days or Less Or I will Continue Working With You 1:1 For Free Until You Do

Audio Artist Rise Step-By-Step isn't just a program – it's an electrifying journey meticulously designed for passionate audio artists who are set on mastering their craft and making their mark in the industry.

📻 Demo Reel Mastery

Winning Clients with Compelling Demo Reels

Through this course, we equip you with practical strategies, step-by-step guidance, and industry insights to craft compelling demo reels. Discover how to stand out, captivate potential clients, and effectively showcase your unique musical talent.

🎬 Trailer Music Course

Unleash Your Potential with Professional Trailer Music Strategies

Unlock Your Trailer Music Potential and Gain Industry Recognition. Our comprehensive course empowers you to master high-quality composition, captivating audiences, and industry professionals.

🎮 Video Games Music Course

Fuel Your Artistry and Reshape Your Video Game Music Adventure

This course empowers you to excel in both the art and business of video game music composition through comprehensive video tutorials, in-depth dissection of game music scores, and industry-specific knowledge.

🎵 Storytelling in Music

Discover the art of creating captivating musical narratives

By understanding the seven modes, detailed DAW-guided instructions, and storytelling techniques, you'll learn to craft music that resonates deeply, evoke emotions and create memorable narratives.

🚀 Audio Entrepreneur Challenge

Create, promote, and sell your first audio product in 11 days.

In this 11-day Audio Entrepreneur Challenge, I will guide you through high-quality video tutorials, providing practical strategies to unlock your skills and develop, promote, and sell your first product.