Audio Artist Essentials

Learn how to build your personal brand, grow your social networks and generate additional income streams.

This course is a no brainer instabuy for composers, sound designers, musicians, and also sample library developers. No matter if you want to build up your personal brand and increase visibility and touchpoints for your projects & products, build up a follower base, generate leads, passive long-term income, and new job opportunities, or want to sell your digital goods and market them via email - Alex got you covered with 10 videos.


He also provides helpful technical advice on how to set up video streams with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), how to publish video content on YouTube at best, how to use a Patreon page for your business, and how to get the attention of sample library developers as a demo writer. And all of this for less than half the price of an hour you would normally have to pay to a private tutor. Go get it ;)

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Music Composers

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