😒 I stopped writing music, so you don't have to!


Faced with a choice between teaching and composing for games, I leaned into education. Still passionate about music, I launched "Audio Artist Rise", helping composers navigate the industry. Many artists struggle to market themselves; my program aims to change that. Ready for a shift? Join us!

"Alex, enough with the clickbait, alright?" Let me clarify.
Music has always been a part of me, and I always make time to write. However, there came a point when I faced a choice: to fully immerse myself in teaching and education or continue crafting music for video games and trailer production companies. Doing both became unsustainable. If I aim to give my students the best of me, I can't squeeze in composing for an entire trailer or game during brief free periods.

Just so we're clear, my passion for video games and trailer music remains undiminished. Yet, I've always aspired to create something uniquely mine β€” a business where I make the decisions and steer the direction.

Enter my recent initiative, Audio Artist Rise. It's designed to aid composers in navigating the complexities of the music industry and securing work. With this, I've achieved my entrepreneurial goal. So, while I've taken a step back from composing, you don’t have to.

Over the years, I've engaged in numerous conversations with fellow composers, monitoring forums and social platforms, and reflecting on my own experiences. It's evident that audio artists invest heavily in their craft β€” from equipment, sample libraries, plugins, to education. Yet, when it's time to market themselves and seek opportunities, many fall into repetitive pitfalls.

The usual routine? Posting tracks on Soundcloud, sending a generic "Composer submission" email, and a fleeting "Check out my latest track" announcement on Facebook. And if opportunities don't knock? They assume they've done all they could, often blaming the quality of their music.

Seeing many talented individuals repeatedly hit these hurdles motivated me to drive change. It was time for my new program Audio Artist Rise!


Are you interested in finding out more?

  • Purpose: A comprehensive program for audio artists determined to refine their skills and make a significant impact in the music industry.
  • Promise: Through proven strategies that have fostered success for over 1,400 students and the creator himself, participants will not just start, but excel in their audio careers.
  • Features:
    • Training Videos: Access to extensive training content based on nearly two decades of industry experience.
    • Resources for Productivity: Tools and concepts designed to boost creativity, productivity, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
    • Support & Community: 24/7 assistance, and a thriving community of fellow audio artists.
    • 24 Live Calls per month: Regular ZOOM sessions on crucial topics like portfolio building, networking, and job acquisition, inclusive of replays.
    • Updates & Events: Continuous access to program updates, live workshops, masterclasses, and event replays.
  • Value: The total worth of the program is over 25,000 EUR/year. Currently, it's offered at €3997 once, with limited slots available.

For those interested in enhancing their audio career, a free 60-minute consultation is available.