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  • 21 Sample libraries

    this bundle contains a huge variety of 21 well-received sample libraries 

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    We've created these sample libraries to trigger instant inspiration and to be helpful audio production tools.

  • 16+ GB of valuable content

    16 GB of guitars, synths, world instruments, beats and production tools.

  • Full access to .wav files

    You will need the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 to run the libraries at its full potential, but you have access to all the .wav files.


    No encryption!

... and what sample libs exactly?


BadA&$ Gu!t@rS is a Kontakt driven guitar sample library.


50 quadruple recorded electric guitar riffs and 40 additional nasty and funky licks in the key of C and E.

Original price €15.00

Glass Particles

Glass Particles is providing you with 17 recorded glass instruments, naturally and processed, additional 20 sound design patches and 5 additional processed glassy arpeggios.

Original price €5.00

Dholki & Phakawaj

The Dholki, a small Dholak, is a two-headed hand drum and mainly a folk instrument and creates some beautiful tones when hit differently.


The Pakhawaj is another two-headed drum and has a more low and mellow tone and is also very rich in harmonics.

Original price €25.00


Infinuitar is a sound designed and processed distorted electric guitar sample library containing endless distorted powerchords (dry and with reverb), one shots and risers.

Original price €5.00

Lost Remnants

Lost Remnants is a sound designed and processed clean electric guitar loop sample library

Original price €15.00

No War Drum

I have to admit, the name is quite weird, but it sounds like a distant haunting war drum, ... and it is actually a picture on canvas. I discovered this sound by accident and, obviously, I had to sample it!

Original price €5.00

Osmium Clouds

50x quadrupled guitar riffs in the key of D
25x quadrupled rhythms in the key of D
25x mangled and sound processed pulses

Original price €15.00

Passionate Bansuri

The Passionate Bansuri consists of 120 recorded phrases of the Bansuri, a traditional Indian flute, played by none other than Girish Kale and recorded by Ashutosh Sohoni.

Original price €45.00

Polyvoc Station

A creative recreation of the famous Polivoks synthesizer

Original price €25.00

Quantum Fluctuations

200 manually crafted percussive synth loops from a Moog DFAM 

Original price €15.00

Sick Beats

When tones, gaps, distortion, and compressors try to spread as much as possible.


This sample library contains 40 handcrafted loops and many single sounds such as Bass Drums, Snares, and other Sick Crap!

Original price €15.00


Everything in our solar system revolves around the sun, so does Sol.

Original price €15.00

The Eridanus Transmissions

The Eridanus Transmissions contains 2,2 GB of the finest audio material that has been captured on a journey to the Alpha Eridani Sector.

Original price €25.00

The Pyxis Resonations

The Pyxis Resonations or in other words dreamy guitar pads.

Original price €5.00

The Sansula

Imagine a Kalimba put on a snare drum. That is the Sansula.


This library features not just the naturally captured sound but also a selection of processed patches.

Original price €15.00


The entire focus of TITAN is to give you the probably most massive sustained guitar power chords you have ever experienced.

Original price €15.00

Tonal Downers

Tonal Downers is a tool library offering you a variety of the typical downer sound which can be heard in trailers.

Original price €15.00

Tonal Hits

Your ultimate toolkit to create Tonal Hits on the fly.

Original price €25.00

Tonal Risers

Tonal Risers is the ultimate construction kit when you need that special sound before your track is hitting the climax.

Original price €45.00

Trailer Djembe

What is small, can be played very fast, stings through the thickest epic arrangement, features three velocity layers and 30 round-robin samples?


The Trailer Djembe!

Original price €5.00


There are eight-string guitars, there are zombies, ... and there is Undeight!

Original price €25.00

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What people are saying

“I own all of Alex's libraries. The Titan guitar is a particular favorite - the sound of those power chords took my Westworld scene to the next level.”

David Kudell, Music Composer

Love your libraries, they're unique and focused and at least personally speaking, not overcoded!

Gareth Coker

Music Composer (Ori and the Blind Forest)

I own all String THeories sample libraries and use them in lots of my productions from orchestral to rock to pop. Small in size, big in sound, super fast loading times and high quality! Love these!

Carlos Villalobos Jr

Grammy nominated composer

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  • 21 sample libraries

  • Instant delivery with Pulse

  • 16+ GB of samples

  • 30 day money-back guarantee



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Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

1. What version of Kontakt do I need?

  • You will need at least the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1. If you do NOT use the full version of Kontakt, but the Kontakt PLAYER instead, your libraries will apear as "demo".

2. How do I get that bundle?

  • This is a digital store, meaning all the products (except merch) will be delivered to you via codes.


    In order to download your sample libraries or MIDI packs you have to download the Pulse Downloader.


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3. What is the Pulse Downloader?

  • The Pulse Downloader is a very easy to use tool.


    It helps you to organize your purchased sample libraries and also offering lightning fast download speed.


    Once you've ordered the bundle, you will receive a confirmation email followed by a separate Pulse email with detailed information.


    After signing up with a Pulse account, download the Pulse downloader and install it.


    Add the redeem codes (Add a product) of your purchased libraries, set a folder and download them.


    Done :)

4. What if I am not happy with my purchase?

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