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Balanced Artist

by Alex Pfeffer

In this online video course you will learn how to convert negative into positive stress, improve your self-confidence, motivate yourself and lead a worry-free life.

What will I learn in this course?

Convert negative into positive stress

Negative stress affects your sleep, mental and physical health. Learn how to convert negative into positive stress.

Improve your self-confidence

A healthy self-confidence is the key to success and happiness. Experience  positive results within days.

Motivate and inspire yourself

Nobody needs writer's block, impostor syndrome and other issues that affects our creating abilities.

Lead a worry-free life

Most of the time we spend thinking about the past or the future we can't control. Learn how to live your life in the here & now!

I was very impressed with The Balanced Artist. The content is very well done, interesting and extremely positive. In this current world, where there is so much stress, anxiety, problems related to work or relationships, social pressures, etc., it was something very important for my day to day life. Small daily breaks of strength, positivity and optimism. The Balanced Artist is definitely, for me, one of the best investments you can make in your career!

Andre M., Guitar player, Composer, Musician, Writer, Musical researcher

Why this course?

A work-life-balancing course for audio artists

The truth is, I got sick of seeing so many audio artists suffering from stress and pressure that, most of the time, can be evaded.


In this business, people are proud of their burnouts, that they can easily work through two nights in a row or that it is normal to spend most of their weekends in front of their DAWs.


The next step is wondering about health issues, trouble being focused, writer's block, insomnia ... or worse!


I am absolutely aware that nothing comes from nothing, but there is a difference between efficiently working hard and destroying yourself!

What can you tell me about the content?

Course Content

All in all, there are ten sections available with 91 video and audio lessons.

  • Self confidence, 16 video lessons about how to improve your self-confidence. The root of all success and happiness.

  • Stop Worrying, 13 video lessons about how to switch to a positive mindset.

  • Stress relief, 11 videos about how to convert negative into positive stress.

  • Mindfulness, 7 videos that will improve yourself to become a mindful person.

  • Basic Psychology, 8 videos about analyzing yourself and controlling your emotions.

  • Meditation, 1 video and 5 audio lessons to introduce yourself to meditation.

  • Body and Mind, 13 videos to help you improve your body & mind and maintain your focus, motivation and body.

  • Creative Boosters, 6 videos inspiring you with creative boosters to improve your workflow.

  • Customers & Clients, 4 videos about customers & clients and how to deal with them.

  • This Artist Life, 7 videos about overcoming impostor syndrome, procrastination, dealing with rejected work, ... and more.

Having gone through this course, one of the first things that I could turn into an actionable day to day routine is to "Boost yourself." Every day I've taken this to heart for months and reprogrammed my daily routine. I have so much more self-confidence. Simple things in life always get forgotten, but coming from rock bottom to where I am now in such a short period of time, is such an amazing achievement for me

Dom L., Media Artist

... and who is Alex Pfeffer?

Alex Pfeffer, composer and sound designer

Alex is a Hamburg, Germany based composer with around 15 years of experience in the trailer music and video games world.


In 1998, Alex went to LA to study music at the LACM (former LAMA) and started writing his first license track in 2005 for Dynamedion.


Since then, Alex has worked for companies such as Liquid Cinema, Gothic Storm, Position Music, Epic Score, Two Steps from Hell, and many others.


His music has been featured in movie trailers such as Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, etc. and is currently on air in around 60+ tv shows across the globe.


Furthermore he worked as an arranger for Frank Peterson and Sarah Brightman, wrote countless tracks for video games and demos for almost every top sample library developer.


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