😥 That feeling when no company is answering you ...


I can relate!

You put so much hard work into your music.

Then you send out email after email after email ... and after countless emails, you receive that single reply:

"Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, ..."

You stop reading and feel disappointed.

Then the game continues to the point your interest in finding work as a music composer drops to zero!

Even worse, you blame yourself for ... anything.

Your music, your arrangement, your mix. Whatever!


You must realize that only because you thought you'd tried everything you could, doesn't mean you did!

I mean, many companies may currently not look for a music composer.

But what if there is nothing wrong with your music, but how you applied for the job?

What if it just takes a few minor tweaks in how you write your application email and how your demo reel looks?

What if there is a way that makes your application so attractive that they want to work with you?

Let's find a solution right now!

To get the gig, you must understand what is happening in the application process.

Five steps are going on.

The audio director/producer/CEO of that company has to:

  1. Open your email
  2. Read your email
  3. Make it to the point you inserted your demo reel link
  4. Listen to your music
  5. Easily contact you
  6. We must make the entire process so engaging that your potential client can't wait to go through all these steps quickly.

They have to be so off the socks that they instantly open your email, read it, click your demo reel link, and instantly call you!

I mean, writing an email after a few hours is okay too! 😎

Here are a few steps on how to achieve this.

  • To open your email, your subject line must be strong! If you apply for a video game company specializing in adventure games, why not BE a character from one of their games? You can apply this strategy to any genre, any branch of the industry!
  • To read your email, forget for a second that absolutely ... and I repeat, absolutely NOONE cares about who you are. It does NOT matter that you started playing piano at age five and found your love for film music by listening to John Williams!
  • At this stage, the only important thing is to keep them reading to the point they click your demo reel and listen to your music.
  • Now they clicked your demo reel link. Where does it go to? To some lame SoundCloud account with hundreds of unfished and unsorted tracks? This would be like inviting a girl after a club night, and your entire underwear is spread on the floor - unclean .. between empty pizza boxes! Absolute no-go!
  • Have a clean demo reel page. A great header, a few selected tracks, a mind-blowing video, and a quick intro to who you are. Your email and phone number.
  • NO social links, NO bio, NO other links that could distract!
  • After listening to your music, they are so overwhelmed that they call or email you! Now the process of being interested in you happens!

Boom! I hope that makes sense and that I was able to help you a little!

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