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In this course, you will learn all the essentials on how to write trailer music - from the first note to the first feature.

An online video course by audio entrepreneur Alex Pfeffer.

Alright, give me some features on the full course

  • Trailer Music Essentials

    inspiration, motivation, methods, and my shared 15 years of experience to successfully get from the first idea & final mastering to the first release

  • Videos on industry releases

    around 35 videos analyzing three tracks of my industry-released Two Steps from Hell album Chaos Theory in the smallest detail possible

  • Tools and bonus files

    free sample libraries as foundation tools and MIDI packs, giving you educational insight and inspiration on trailer arrangements

  • Exclusive tracks & session files

    Two tracks exclusively written for this course including Cubase session, MIDI files, Stems and final mixes.


  • Trailer Business Fundamentals

    detailed information on Syncs, Royalties, Writer's Share, PROs and the most common deals.

  • Email and Comment Support

    Having questions while taking the course? Write a comment on the topic or contact me via email.

Okay, consider me curious.

Any chance to see how the course looks like?

I’ve known Alex a long time, and he is truly one of the best trailer writers in the business. I can’t believe how well he’s put this course together to lay out EXACTLY how great trailers are conceived, written, and produced. This course is a no-brainer for anyone interested in scoring trailers and promos.

So, what about the exact content?

  • Trailer Music Essentials

    Structure, Preparation, Track Duration, Inspiration, Workflow, The Red Line, Templates, Layering Sounds, Signature Sounds, Harmony & Theory, Arrangement, Melody, Building Excitement & Tension, Mixing, Mastering, Delivery, Gear Suggestions

  • Video lectures about analyzing three industry-released tracks to bits and pieces

    Listening to the track, Structure, Harmony & Theory, Strings, Brass, Percussions, Synths, Choirs, Processed Guitars, Vocals, Hits & FX, Mixing and Mastering

  • More video lectures about analyzing two exclusively written tracks for this course

    We are going through all the details as with the industry-released tracks. The cool thing with these two tracks is, that you will not only get video lessons but also the entire session files. This would be the mastered and unmastered stereo mix, the stems, the MIDI files and the entire Cubase session.

  • Trailer Music Business section

    In this section, we are talking about all the essential things you need to know about royalties, sync fees, performance rights organizations, possible deals, publishing methods, how to build connections and also a little section about mental health

  • Free music tools and more soon

    To give your trailer music career a little boost, you will get a selection of trailer music sample libraries from my music tool store, a few MIDI packs to give you an idea on how, for example, a string arrangement can be done. Also, partnership discounts from Trqk, RT Sonics and Epic Composer.

Having heard great tracks from Alex Pfeffer and by enjoying the high quality content of his YouTube channel, I knew his Trailer Music Course would be an excellent learning experience. The course is packed with practical information on the process of composing trailer music and comprehensive walkthroughs of five tracks, providing a detailed look into his musical workflow, followed by the reasons behind his choices. It also features a valuable section of business advice for this industry.​

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Sounds cool, but who is that

Alex Pfeffer guy?

Alex is a Hamburg, Germany based composer with around 15 years of experience in the trailer music and video games world.


In 1998, Alex went to LA to study music at the Los Angeles College of Music, and started writing his first license track in 2005 for Dynamedion.


Since then, Alex has worked for companies such as Liquid Cinema, Gothic Storm, Position Music, Epic Score, Two Steps from Hell, and many others.


His music has been featured in movie trailers such as Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, etc. and is currently on air in around 60+ TV shows across the globe.


Furthermore, he has worked for Mick Gordon, Trevor Morris, Frank Peterson and Sarah Brightman, and wrote countless tracks for video games and demos for almost every top sample library developer.

Having already taken a number of the other trailer courses online, I can safely say that Alex’s course offers a better value (especially if you get in during the early access period!) and easier to follow curriculum than the competition. He lays out fundamentals from structure to mixing in an easy to follow way that you can put into practice regardless of the style of music you write. Offering the foundation of ‘why’ and then giving you the ‘how to’ is one of Alex’s strong advantages here. Recommended.​

and do you have any credits?

Below you can see an excerpt of released albums that I had the please to write or to be a part of. My music has also been used in many movie trailers such as Pacfic Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and his music is currently featured in around 60+ tv shows across the globe. 

Ok, so what are the people saying about the course videos?

Each video has a comment section where you can ask questions or leave comments. Below you can see more feedback on what people have to say about the course. Due to respecting privacy, I blurred out the names.

Alex is a wealth of information and "Trailer Music Essentials" is an absolute treasure trove! From structure through harmony and basic theory, arrangement techniques, melody, and original sound design, all the way to the mix, master, and final delivery - it's all here. And the course is just getting started! After you've learned all this, you embark on a massive deep-analysis journey through 3 major-label trailer tracks plus 2 more exclusive tracks written specifically for the course. With the very last section dedicated to the business side of making trailer music, there is really no stone left unturned.

One last thing, ... I am sold if there is any chance of a free video?

"Hold my beer!"

Alex gave me the best entry into the world of trailer music I could have wished for. His insights into the creative process behind his Two Steps From Hell album made the lessons invaluable to me. Exactly what I needed for my composer journey!

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Pay a one time fee of 279 USD and get lifetime access to an evolving course.

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Pay three smooth rates of 93 USD each month and get lifetime access to an evolving course.

The course and the website are very well organized. The number of details is astonishing! I've recently switched my music career focus to trailer music production and this is a perfect place to start.

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In case you didn't like the course or it wasn't what you have imagined, you will get your full money back within the first 7 days after purchase.

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