Do you want to have your music ...

video reviewed?

Purchase a video of me reviewing your track.

Yes, you have read right! Simply send me your track and order a video review.


Within one week I will send you a tutorial-like video, analyzing your music and providing you with valuable feedback on how to improve your track. 


Of course, you can download the video and keep it!

How does that video review work?

Let's quickly review the process, what I need from you and what you will get in return


    You send me the track you want to have video reviewed.

    You send me a download link to an uncompressed .wav file.

    It could also be an mp3.


    Most important, that I can download and import your track into my DAW!


    As additional info I also need the bpm and the purpose of your track.

    Is it, for example, for a movie trailer or a video ingame track?


    After I've received your track I will start recording the video review.

    Imagine this video as a recorded live stream, but just for you.


    I will rearrange or recut your track or even start adding instruments to give you an idea on how to improve your track.


    That's why it is so important to know the purpose of a track. Simply because an arrangement for a trailer track is completely different than a video game ingame track.


    As soon as I have finished the video review I will upload it and send it to you.

    Now that the video review is done, you will receive a download link via email.


    Of course, you can keep the video or even apply the discussed strategies to new tracks of yours.


    In case you still got any questions, of course I am there for you via email or Discord chat.


    Please allow me at least a week to produce your video.



Let's make it simple. If you're not happy and don't like the video review, didn't find it helpful or think it was a total waste of time, I won't ask any questions and you will get your money back!

Alex Pfeffer



  • High quality video in 1080p

    I will make sure to record your video in 1080p so you are able to see even the tiniest knob I am tweaking.

  • Fast and reliable server

    Your video review will be uploaded to a fast and stable server and available to download forever.

  • That video is yours!

    This video is your own personal track video review. You can keep it and watch it whenever you want.




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